Cristina Diez, Real Estate Agent

Welcome! Let me help you find your dream home.

Finding and buying the perfect home in Miami's ever changing real estate market has become a daunting task. I have dedicated myself to helping guide my clients through the process. Using my extensive knowledge of Miami's neighborhoods and experience working with some of this market’s most successful agents, I can make your dream come true.

What I Do

I can make the complicated real estate process easy and enjoyable.

Through my experience and many partnerships I can help you with all aspects of finding a home. From locating properties that fit your specific needs and arranging showings that fit into your schedule to drafting complicated contracts, I have you covered.

Who I Am

Growing up I wasn’t certain exactly what my career path would be but I always knew what was most important to me: entrepreneurship and financial freedom. My passion for architecture and interior design felt like a hobby until I took a course in real estate and found out that I could turn my hobby into a career. Many around me asked “why, there are so many realtors in this market, why do you want to do this?”. But I wasn’t afraid of the challenge. I felt incredibly hopeful and on top of the world when I passed my Gold Coast course and state exam on the first try and hung my license with Great Properties International Realty, a multi-million dollar brokerage firm located in Key Biscayne and Doral, FL. I was lucky enough to start off with an opportunity to learn from Jorge Boj, one of the top producers within the firm. I shadowed him as we showed properties around Key Biscayne to both international and local clients. Not only did this experience confirm my belief that this was the right career for me but also gave me insight into just what was unique about Miami real estate and the opportunities and challenges I would be presented with by being based in this city. I saw that real estate in Miami is not limited to traditional home buyers, but very much an international gateway and a place with tremendous opportunity for investors. I was off and running after this, little did I know that the first year would be so challenging. However, I promised myself that I would keep going, not allowing anyone’s opinion to define my outcome.

I would prove to myself and others that although many realtors do not make it through this first year, I would.
I dove deep into the process, from building client relationships to showings and contracts, I learned the process from A to Z. I still consider Jorge my ultimate mentor and am thankful for the foundational skill set that he gave me, we work together to this day. However, it was time to take another step, this time into a market I had yet to gain experience in but was eager to learn more about. At this point I met Christian Tupper, Director of sales for the Paraiso District Project in Edgewater, a four condominium building project on Biscayne Bay built by well known Miami Developer, Jorge Perez. Suddenly I was immersed in the condominium and preconstruction market and was in a sales center Monday through Friday. I was now working with third party teams, from plumbing to air conditioning, as well as buyers and renters. I was also able to work within a rapidly growing market - Edgewater. I currently manage and close all new an existing rental leads for Christian across Brickell, Downtown and Edgewater areas and consider him another key mentor and partner in business.
Presently and looking to the future, I’m still trying to learn each and every day, hone my abilities and diversify my skills. I’m young but in today’s world, that no longer equals inexperience but instead means I am ambitious, savvy and resourceful. With rapidly changing markets and increasing innovation, buyers and sellers need someone who can keep up with the pace and offer flexibility. I have top contacts across industries including corporate real estate attorneys, accountants and financial advisors which allows me to service my clients throughout the entire process. If my clients seek an investment opportunity I can connect them with a great real estate investment group or take on property management duties for foreign buyers who are looking to make passive income from their properties by renting or running an Airbnb. Likewise, I am ready to hold the hand of a first time buyer and make the process as stress free as possible.

What is most important is that I am and always will be a local.
Born and raised in Miami, a graduate of Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and FIU, I know the city and its neighborhoods well and use that to match my clients with their dream home or choose the property that will give them the best return on investment. I live in this city and I love it, I plan on establishing myself as a top agent, starting my family here - so my reputation is important to me, meaning I take what I do for my clients seriously. I am not just a realtor but a guide, a business partner and advisor for all of my clients today and down the road.


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